Our Dinners

The University of Texas School of Dentistry has a diverse faculty from many nations.   We are united in our passion to educate students in dentistry in an amazing school. Please consider joining Mosaic one night a few times a year to explore an international restaurant to be selected by a faculty member from that country. There are many great restaurants in Houston that give us an opportunity to make new friends with faculty and our spouses/significant others (we will give our children the night off). Thank you to Drs. Soldatos, Ceyhan and Sly for hosting the dinners featuring Greek, Turkish and Brazilian food.    We look forward to our next dinner at an Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in June, 2018.    Our dinners facilitate faculty collegiality and support the Mosaic concepts of mentoring our students to serve their local community and global outreach through the UT Alumni Association and organized dentistry.   



"Our dinners are certainly about more than the food - it's about experiencing culture, reflecting on our different perspectives and building on our mutual respect amongst each other."

— Mosaic Volunteer