Our Mission:


We give people without housing (homeless), veterans and people with intellectual disabilities the tools to improve their health regardless of their situation. We unite together to provide diverse solutions for diverse needs.



Our Mission

Mosaic brings students and faculty together to not only raise awareness of the health disparity of vulnerable populations, but to celebrate diversity through collaborative community outreach.

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Our Impact

Founded in just 2016, Mosaic has impacted communities across the globe. Faculty and students dedicate their time to underserved people through international as well as domestic service trips.



Students serving communities

Learning doesn't only happen in the classroom for these volunteers. Students get the chance to make a difference by offering their time and expertise to serve the underserved.



Faculty mentoring volunteers

For our volunteer professors, education has a higher meaning. They are able to teach students about social responsibility firsthand and how to use their technical skills to care for vulnerable populations. 



People Impacted

Through service trips to China, The Philippines and even a Hurricane Harvey relief effort in Houston, TX - Mosaic volunteers have impacted the lives of thousands. 


Our Programs

At it's founding chapter, University of Texas School of Dentistry (UTSD), Mosaic is a two-fold program - Student Community Service Projects & Faculty Diversity Dinners. Every quarter, all UTSD faculty are invited to the dinner club to welcome new faculty that may not be familiar with Houston, experience diverse cuisine and learn about the Mosaic community service projects.



At the core of Mosaic is diversity - because it's what unites us. Universities attract students, faculty and visitors from all over the world and getting the opportunity to serve side-by-side with one another opens the door for understanding, respect and appreciation for each other.


Professors and students get to work together outside of the classroom to care for patients. Additionally, as students serve their community, the service projects increase their cultural competency and create lasting bonds of community collaboration that will continue after school.


We bring service-minded people together to get to know each other and use their skills to better the lives of people in vulnerable populations. Homeless, vetrans and individuals with intellectual disabilities rarely enter the door of a dentist or physician as a patient. Our student groups bring that experience to them.


A fun way to experience culture and diversity of their local community - Mosaic faculty get together quarterly to enjoy dinners at restaurants featuring international cuisine.

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Dr. David Fray, UTSD

Mosaic connects our students - through community service - with UT's alumni and dentists in the Greater Houston Dental Society. Our diversity truly unites us.



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